By Laws at a Glance

  • All players must be in full uniform to take the court by the first week of fixtures after the grading period.

  • All clothing must be the same colour & style

  • Skirts must be the same for each player

  • Shirts must be the same for each player (provisions are made & this can be done by writing to the committee)

  • Bum shorts or  bike pants must not exceed skirt length

  • If a forfeit is required, a team representative must advise us
    Via the fixtures convenor by
    phone or email by:
    Junior - 5pm Thursday
    Senior - 5pm Sunday

  • Failure to notify a forfeit in the prescribed manner will result in a $30 fine.
    All Fines are to be paid within 2 weeks.

  • Non-Financial players are refrained from playing until fees are paid in full.
  • All teams must supply their own bibs & ball